October 22 & 23

Design & AI

Embedding the Magic and the Real

Almost everyday for the last couple of years we are being surprised by the hype and the latest magical innovations of artificial intelligence. Initially this AI magic seemed far away from the reality of most design practitioners and researchers. The magic was not yet to be designed, or in overly shiny, or extremely dark fictions and scenarios.

However with experience, improved performance, and availability of tools the magic of AI is now becoming more firmly and deeply embedded into the reality of everyday design. In this 3rd Design & AI symposium we wonder:

Join us in the fall of 2024 during Dutch Design Week, where for two days of keynote presentations, talks and workshops we will explore where design is and where it is going in this summer of AI.

Save the date 22 & 23, 2024 (add to my calendar). Previous years have sold out, so pre-register now!

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